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Graphic Design

Professional Print

KP Health Education

Various Kaiser Permanente Member Health Education materials for the Southern California region. Clockwise from top left: Tobacco Cessation flyer; Living Well with Diabetes Participant Workbook, cover design; Self Care Tips: Sleep Problems brochure; Healthy Families Membership Card, front and back.
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CSU Capitol Display

Poster and booklet design for the California State University. Clockwise from top left: Sample poster designs; Booklet design; On display in the California State Capitol building.
WINNER, CASE District VII Award of Excellence, 2008.
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CSU Leadership Manual

Manual design with slide-out workbook for the California State University's Center for Community Engagement. Clockwise from top left:Die-cut cover with foil stamping; Cover artwork; Manual title page; Sample chapter heading; Sample workbook page.
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CSU Sponsorship Kit

Sponsorship Kit design for the California State University's How to Get to College poster. Clockwise from top: Front of die-cut mailer; Design of first panel revealed when opening mailer; Magnet design; Folded-out interior of mailer (including attached DVD, magnet, poster); Folded-out back of design, including mail panel.
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CSU Annual Reports

Two annual report designs for the California State University's Center for Community Engagement. Clockwise from top left: Cover design of 2007-08 annual report; Sample pages from 2008-09 annual report; Cover design of 2008-09 annual report; Sample pages from 2007-08 annual report.
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SCR Gala Package

Invitation design for South Coast Repertory's 2007 Gala Ball. Clockwise from top left: Front of invitation; Inside of invitation (featuring a die-cut, pop-up vellum fan); Custom die-cut envelope; Reply card, map card, donation card, and reply envelope; Gala program (top view and front design); Save the Date Card (die-cut mailer with custom sticker).
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SCR Season Brochure

Design for South Coast Repertory's 2007-08 fold-out Season Brochure. Clockwise from top left: Interior spread showing show schedules/descriptions; Interior spread showing order information/seating charts; Front/back spread including mail panel; Interior photo spread.
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SCR Marketing Brochures

Design for various South Coast Repertory marketing brochures. From left: Front of direct mailer (subscriber prospect card); Front of "First Nights" brochure; Front of the Theatre Conservatory's Professional Intensive Program brochure; Front of the Theatre Conservatory's Adult Program Winter Session brochure.
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SCR Ad Campaign

Design for South Coast Repertory's advertising campaign in the Orange County Register's "Squeeze OC" magazine. From left: Ad for upcoming play, "The Caucasian Chalk Circle;" Ad for the 2005-06 season; Ad for the 2005-06 season; Ad for upcoming play, "The Caucasian Chalk Circle."
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CRIMSON Identity

Design for CRIMSON clothing store's logo and identity system (London). Clockwise from top left: Photo of storefront with custom logo signage; Business Card design; Two designs for clothing hang tags; Letterhead and envelope design; Black and white newspaper ad.
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Noble Acts Book Design

Book design for "Noble Acts" by Anmarie McDonald. From left: Front cover design; Two sample interior page spreads.
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CLC Package Design

Production art for Custom LeatherCraft's Pit Crew mechanic's gloves package. Clockwise from left: Design for back of package; Design for inside front insert (placed in front of gloves); Design for inside back insert (placed behind gloves); Design for wrap-around size tabs.
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Professional Web

GMASA Identity/Website

Identity and Website design for the Girls Math and Science Academy. Clockwise from top: GMASA website home page; Direct mail marketing brochure; GMASA Blog design; GMASA website sample interior page.
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CSSA Website

Front-end design for the California State Student Association website. Clockwise from top: CSSA website home page design; Contact page; Sample interior page design (level 1); Sample interior page design (level 2).
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CSU Hospitality Website

Font-end design for the California State University's Hospitality Management website. Clockwise from left:CSU Hospitality website home page design; Sample interior page design (level 2); Sample interior page design (level 1).
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Student Work

CPP Logo Design

"CPP" Logo design, constructed on the hill behind the Cal Poly Pomona campus. Clockwise from left: Photo of the concrete letters on the campus hillside; Newspaper article about the logo design contest and construction; The contest-winning logo; Custom pin given out at ribbon-cutting ceremony.
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Studies in black and white typography. Clockwise from top left: "Type as a Visual Element" chapter heading for book; Poster celebrating the unique characteristics of the font Gill Sans; Four sample pages from the book "A Study of Hierarchy" in which each page displays the same content with different emphasis.
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Manifesto project entitled "Before It's Too Late" about adopting pets from animal shelters. Consisted of book and poster design. Clockwise from top left:Poster design; Front of book (made out of printed paper, wood, bolts, cages, and other materials, with hinged front cover); Inside of book (real key hangs on the back of the door, and unlocks three cages containing the book's three chapters; Three sample pages from the book.
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Animation project for a fictional MTV commercial. Designed in Adobe Illustrator, animated in Flash.
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