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Hi, my name is Katie Covington.

I have been a practicing artist since I was old enough to hold a pencil. Born and raised in Southern California, my love of animals fueled my creativity, and motivated me to research, draw, and paint wildlife of all kinds. By the age of eight, my pencil had become a paintbrush. By 14, I had become the assistant teacher for the children's oil painting class at Barbel's Art Center in Huntington Beach. I went on to study fine art and graphic design at Cal Poly Pomona, earning my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2005, and graduating summa cum laude.

I have worked as a graphic designer for such organizations as South Coast Repertory, The California State University Chancellor's Office, where my design won a CASE District VII Award of Excellence for Outstanding Communication, and Kaiser Permanente. My camera has traveled with me around the world. But when I began painting murals in the homes of families around Orange County in my spare time, I discovered that kids responded to my artwork with joy and excitement, thereby revealing my true calling. I now spend my time creating illustrations and poetry, hoping to delight and educate young children, and inspire a love of animals and art in future generations.

This website contains a sampling of my work. I hope you enjoy what you see.